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Programs & Initiatives: Regional Trails - Bike & Hike

Trail Programs in the Upper Housatonic Valley

Area Bike Route Information -

MASSACHUSETTS - The Upper Housatonic Valley (portions of Litchfield County, CT and Berkshire County, MA) are ideal for bike riding.  View and print these bike route maps for a great experience.

The Berkshire Bike Route Brochure (all 5 towns included) is available here:

  • Berkshire Bike Routes Brochure (Front)
  • Berkshire Bike Routes Brochure (Back)

CONNECTICUT - We've been working on bike routes throughout Northwestern Litchfield County of CT.  The Housatonic Covered Bridge Trail (HouBike Trail) broshure and map is available at town halls, librarires and other public places throughout the region.

For map downloads and cue sheets visit the HouBikeWalk.org website.

Download PDF Bike Maps

There are many area bike routes nearby.  Visit www.HouBikeWalk.org for a complete list.  For your convenience we've added these bike routes for convenient downloading.  The 45-mile HouBike Trail is divided into 10 segments so that you can easily download just the segment(s) that you’d like.  Each PDF map will print nicely on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.


  • Map 1 – Ashley Falls MA to Rt. 44 in Salisbury CT
  • Map 2 – Rt. 44 to Falls Village
  • Map 3 – Rt. 44 to Falls Village (Option A)
  • Map 4 – Falls Village to West Cornwall
  • Map 5 – West Cornwall to Cornwall Bridge
  • Map 6 – West Cornwall to Cornwall Bridge (Option B)
  • Map 7 – Cornwall Bridge to Kent
  • Map 8 – Cornwall Bridge to Kent (Option C)
  • Map 9 – Kent to Bull’s Bridge 
  • Map 10 – Bull’s Bridge to New Milford

KENT, CT - We have the Kent Bike Routes fully mapped,

Here are individual PDF maps of each Kent Bike Route:

West Cornwall to Cornwall Bridge Trail

Currently, work is under way to create an off-road (dedicated) walking / cycling route in West Cornwall, CT.  This proposed route would be built along the East side of the Housatonic River, along the previously abandoned Lower River Road.  Accessed via the town roadway just South of Trinity Conference Center, this trail would provide recreational access to CT State Forest.

View the CT DEEP Grant Application here.

View the final grant report (2012) to the Cornwall Foundation here.

Objectives of the CT portion of the regional trail system:

The Bikeway Project proposes to link existing river roads next to or near the Housatonic to produce a continuous 45-mile multi-use biking and hiking route from Mass/CT border to the center of New Milford. The proposed Housatonic Bikeway route includes approximately 35 miles of existing publicly maintained paved and dirt roads directly adjacent to the Housatonic. The additional 10 miles will initially be on roads that are not adjacent to the Housatonic.

The project will propose the best minimum impact options for moving those 10 miles to locations adjacent to the Housatonic. No land or rights of way need to be acquired. The lands that would be used for all possible options for moving the Cornwall and Kent sections closer to the River are already in State or Federal ownership.    

  • Restore and enhance the recreational values and services of the Housatonic River damaged by pollution through a multi-use Housatonic Bikeway linking existing river roads from Salisbury to New Milford and creating sustainable recreation with minimum physical impact. 
  • Increase, improve and promote opportunities for river related recreation through outreach program including Interpretive Signage, Maps, Brochures, Website, Podcast.

Immediate planning objectives:

  • Develop and implement comprehensive Public Outreach and Marketing to build public awareness and support for Bikeway
  • Create Interactive GIS Bikeway Map integrating varied recreational opportunities along Housatonic River corridor.
  • Create safety plan, produce and install directional markers for Bikeway
  • Create, produce and install approximately 12 Interpretive Signs containing natural resource, historical and stewardship information specific to each site along the Bikeway.
  • Create Housatonic River Bikeway Website with maps, calendar of river events and links to all participating groups as appropriate.
  • Create downloadable Podcast audio tour of Bikeway
  • Develop plan for best future locations of off-river bikeway sections in Cornwall and Kent
  • Develop sustainable Bikeway Monitor Program
  • Design and implement Opening Events for Bikeway.

View the complete Project Narrative. (PDF 265kB)

Current program supporters include:

 View a DRAFT PDF of the Kent Bike Routes brochure Front - (PDF 8.18 Mb)

 View a DRAFT PDF of the Kent Bike Routes brochure Back - (PDF 10.70 Mb)

Regional Trails - Bike & Hike

Regional Trails - Bike & Hike

Regional Trails - Bike & Hike